Stimulus Update: Bonus Check Worth $600

The city council of Denver, Colorado, approved a $600 bonus for thousands of city workers on Monday due to a staffing shortage.

The estimated cost of the new bonus, which will cover 8,300 of the city's roughly 11,000 employees, is $6 million.

According to Denverite, the council measure is anticipated to apply to 5,700 of the employees,

with bonuses being handled separately by the Department of Human Services and the airport.

The money will come from savings that the city has amassed after failing to fill certain positions.

Following Denver's approval of a $400 bonus for city employees who received the COVID-19 vaccine last year,

Monday's bonus is the second one that has recently been approved by city lawmakers.

Employees who worked in person at least half the time received extra compensation.

The new bonuses must be distributed by Friday, December 30, at the latest. On January 31,

additional funds will be distributed to residents throughout the state; individuals will receive $750, and joint filers will receive $1,500.

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