Social Security Update:Worth Up to $1681

To the millions of Social Security beneficiaries whose birthdays fall between the first and tenth of each month,

direct payments totaling an average of $1,681 will be made on Wednesday.

Retirement beneficiaries will receive this payment in three instalments,

beginning on December 14 for those whose birthdays fall between the first and tenth of the month.

According to the Social Security Administration,

payments for retirees always start on the second Wednesday of the month and continue on the subsequent Wednesdays.

This payment will be made next week, on December 21, to individuals whose birthdays fall between the eleventh and twentieth of a given month.

The final Social Security payment, which will be made on December 28,

will be given to people whose birthdays fall between December 21 and December 31.

Although the rates retirees receive depend on their age at retirement, the highest paycheck retirees can receive will be worth $4,194.

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