Social Security Update:SSI payment $1755

In less than three weeks, recipients of Supplemental Security Income will receive the second of two December payments, bringing their total SSI payment to $1,755.

On December 1, eligible recipients received their first payment of $841; on December 30, they will receive their second payment of $914.

Due to a cost of living adjustment made to keep pace with inflation, the second instalment is 8.7% higher than the first, according to the Social Security Administration.

Receiving SSI and providing necessary care will also receive a payment on December 30 that is slightly higher than what they received on December 1: $458 instead of $421.

Couples who qualify will receive two payments totaling $1,261 for the month of December;

monthly payments will rise to $1,371 starting in 2019.

The double payments balance the months in which no payments are issued,

ensuring that eligible recipients get 12 payments annually in accordance with the timetable.

Due to the fact that the months immediately following these months fall on a weekend or a holiday,

recipients can anticipate receiving double payments in the months of March, June, September, and December of the following year.

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