Social Security Update: SSI Payment $914

The first check for recipients of Supplemental Security Income, which will be for $914 starting in 2023,

will reflect an increase in their Social Security benefits.

This month, SSI recipients will receive two payments because January 1st falls on a federal holiday, New Year's Day.

Due to a cost-of-living adjustment by the Social Security Administration,

the payment on Dec. 30 will be a little bit higher than the first payment from earlier this month on Dec. 1, when SSI recipients received $841.

Due to SSI recipients not receiving a payment in January 2023,

the payment on December 30 will be the first of several payments in 2023.

The SSA ensures that participants receive one SSI payment each month by issuing a total of 12 payments each year.

Payments are always delivered to recipients by the first business day of the month, per SSA policy.

The payments are made on the last business day of the month on days when the first of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday.

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