Social Security Update: SSI Payment $914

The first S.S.I. check reflecting the massive increase in Social Security benefits starting in 2023 will be issued to recipients on December 30.

There will be a $914 check here.

The payment on December 30 will be a little bit more than the SSI recipients' first payment from earlier this month on December 1, which was $841.

This is because the Social Security Administration will increase monthly benefits by 8.7% in the coming year as a result of a cost-of-living adjustment.

Due to SSI recipients not receiving a payment in January 2023,

the payment on December 30 will be the first of several payments in 2023.

The SSA issues a total of 12 SSI payments annually, ensuring that recipients receive one payment each month.

Due to the first month of those months falling on a weekend or a holiday in 2023,

recipients will receive two payments in the same month in April, June, September, and December.

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