Social Security Update: $1755 in 11 Days

At the end of the month, recipients of Supplemental Security Income will receive a rare second payment,

bringing their combined December SSI benefits to $1,755.

On top of the $841 they received on December 1, eligible recipients will get a payment of $914 on December 30.

The SSA estimates that the payment received on December 30 was 8.7% larger than the payment received this month's first.

After receiving a $421 payment on December 1,

essential people—those who live with SSI users and provide necessary care—will also get a second $458 payment on December 30.

Eligible couples will additionally receive a second payment of $1,261 on the same day as the other winners.

The 2023 adjustment will be 8.7%, which will be the highest adjustment in SSA history since the 1981 COLA of 11.2%.

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