Stimulus Update: $1,500 Sent in 2 Days

In just two days, qualified teachers in the Fort Smith School District in Arkansas will receive a little extra spending money before the Christmas holiday.

According to Talk Business, the payments will be delivered by December 15 and were approved by the school board in May of this year.

Select "veteran" teachers in the Fort Smith school system, such as adult education instructors, classroom instructors, instructional specialists, interventionists,

and special education coordinators, will only be eligible for this bonus.

Administrators at the district level are not eligible for the bonus, but principals and assistant principals are.

The Certified Salary Schedule, which will increase teachers' salaries by $3,471.81 annually and give them a 5.89% pay increase for the current school year,

will also be beneficial to them.

The bonus payments come as many people struggle with high inflation during this Christmas's busy holiday season.

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