Direct Payments Between $75 and $1,658

Residents of four states will be eligible to receive direct payments worth between $75 and $1,658.

Locals in Chicago, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii can each receive payouts by the end of next week.

The refund programmes for the four states are described in full below.

Chicago residents who had trouble getting federal COVID-19 relief stimulus grants will receive $500 checks from the Chicago Resiliency Fund 2.0,

a collaboration between the city and regional non-profits.

Who are qualified for the one-time payment?

Chicago residents who wish to receive the compensation must submit an online application.

Additionally, candidates who meet the requirements must not earn more than 300 percent of the federal poverty line.

The recipient must also be at least 18 years old and have listed a dependent on their 2019 tax return who is at least 17 years old.

Beginning on October 1, 2022, applications will be accepted through December 31, 2022.

The amounts are based on the information from the most recent, authorised 2020 tax return that was on file when the rebates were given out.

Additionally, in September, Governor Brad Little approved a bill that gave residents $500 million in Special Session rebates.

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