Direct Monthly Payment Worth Up to $4194

Many Social Security beneficiaries will receive this month's retirement payment from the Social Security Administration on Wednesday,

which could be worth up to $4,194.

The Social Security recipients who will receive the payments on December 21,

the third Wednesday of December 2022,

will be those who were born on the 11th through the 20th of a month,

according to the SSA's calendar. This payment will be the second one this month.

When a recipient decides to retire and start receiving Social Security benefits, for example,

will determine how much they will receive from these checks, among other things.

According to the SSA, in order to receive the maximum monthly payment of $4,194, a person must have retired at age 70.

Those who retired at age 67 can receive slightly less, with a maximum check of $3,345,

and those who retired at age 62 can only receive as much as $2,364 each month.

The Supplemental Security Income, which is scheduled to be paid on December 30, and other payments made by the SSA,

such as disability insurance, are different from retirement benefits.

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