Americans Receive $914 Direct Payment

Millions of users of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are expected to receive $914 in bonus payments in just five days.

SSI applicants should get $914 payments on December 30 as a result of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), which caused the increase.

This indicates that a monthly payment increase of up to $73 will be made to each SSI recipient.

The second payment, reflecting the revised benefit amount, will be deposited into accounts on December 30.

The first payment, at an average of $841, was made on December 1.

Who is eligible?

Your eligibility for SSI will depend on your income and assets.

Asset limits for individuals are $2,000 and for married couples are $3,000, respectively.

As many eligible youngsters don't normally have income, benefits may be higher for them.

These consist of your Social Security number, birth certificate,

address details, pay stubs, and other income-related documents.

If you receive both SSI and Social Security, your payments won't be received on the same day.

For such claimants, Social Security is paid on the third of each month, whereas Supplemental Security Income is paid on the first.

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