Stimulus Update: Direct Christmas Bonus Checks in The Amount of $1,000 Will be Distributed on Friday

Stimulus Update: The weekend is here, and staff members at a Maryland school district will start it off with a $1,000 bonus.

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools board of education has given its full support to this bonus for staff members. All permanent employees, excluding those on leaves of absence, will receive the funds by Dec. 16, prorated according to each employee’s full-time equivalent.

In a letter to the staff, Superintendent of Schools Mark Bedell stated that “no school system can be great without great people.” “As I’ve already said, the work you’re doing despite some enormous obstacles is incredible.No matter what role you hold within our educational system, our kids benefit daily from your dedication and passion. Please keep that in mind always.

The school system won’t need to ask for additional funding because the bonuses will be paid out of funds that were saved from the system-wide vacancies that it experienced.

Bedell stated that he will not personally accept the bonus.

Workers were also advised that because it was a holiday, their healthcare premiums would not be taken from their salary on December 28. The state of the healthcare fund balance in the system is the cause of this.

I understand that the bonus is just a small expression of my gratitude. However, it is crucial for me and the Board of Education to find ways to consistently express gratitude, the superintendent said.

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