Social Security update: SSI recipients will receive their first 2023 payment of $914 on December 30

Social Security update: Due to a scheduling error, recipients of Supplemental Security Income are now just a few weeks away from receiving the second of two payments that will be made in December, totaling $1,755.

The second payment is scheduled to be delivered to recipients on December 30 after the first payment was distributed to qualified recipients on December 1.

To ensure beneficiaries receive the check by the first of the month, the Social Security Administration issues monthly SSI checks the business day before months that start on a weekend or holiday. Due to this scheduling anomaly, recipients occasionally receive two checks in the same month of the year, but they still only receive 12 checks overall.

Due to January 1 falling on a Sunday, the January 2023 SSI payment will be delivered on Friday, December 30. Since January 1st is a federal holiday, the January payment is special in that it is always delivered early. In 2023, there are four months with two payments each: March, June, September, and December. This is due to the fact that in April, July, and October, the first of the month falls on a weekend.

Individuals will be required to pay $914, while eligible couples will pay $1,371. SSI recipients who are essential persons—those who reside with them and provide for their basic needs—will receive $458.

These will be the first payments made under the new rates, which were raised as part of the yearly cost-of-living adjustments to ensure that Social Security benefits kept up with inflation.

According to the Social Security Administration, SSI payments were first made to qualified individuals in January 1974, and since 1975, payment rates have increased in line with inflation in order to account for cost-of-living adjustments.

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