7 Online Earning Sites to Help You Make Extra Cash

There are tons of ways to make money online, but some options are better than others in terms of their cost and earning potential. If you’re looking to earn extra cash without quitting your job, try one of these seven online earning sites first. These options are listed from shortest (least time commitment) to longest (most time commitment), so keep that in mind as you browse through the list! In order from shortest to longest…

7 Online Earning Sites to Help You Make Extra Cash.

1) Fiverr

While some people see Fiverr as a site where you can get a few dollars by doing small tasks, some people use it as a legit way to make money. While there are limits on how much you can earn and what you can do, there is an opportunity for free money if you’re willing to put effort into it. With Fiverr, freelancers or vendors offer services or sell goods starting at $5 per job. Many of these gigs pay between $0.50 and $15 per assignment (there are usually about 5-30 of them). For those looking for extra cash without gig economy work and all its risks, it’s worth checking out if you have time available in your schedule.

2) eBay

It’s hard to believe that you can earn money by selling your unwanted items online, but people do it every day. Use eBay to find great deals on things you no longer need—from toys and clothes to electronics and even furniture. If your item is more expensive than $10, set a starting bid price of $5 or lower. Then make sure you include plenty of pictures (you get 20 free listings) and use as many keywords as possible so that buyers can easily find your auctions. Once they place a bid, follow these tips for closing an eBay sale. Your potential earnings: 50 percent commission fee on items sold through their site; slightly higher if you sell outside of eBay.

3) Amazon

Create your store and work from home, no experience is required. This site is well-known for offering many opportunities for earning extra money. For example, if you have a hobby like cooking or writing about baking cakes, then you can set up an account with them to sell digital items through their stores. Amazon’s terms of service require that all physical products sold in their marketplace are done so by third-party sellers and not Amazon directly.

4) Shopify

Shopify is a very popular platform for creating an online store and selling products through that store. Most people use Shopify for e-commerce but it can also be used for other things. For example, one of my friends uses Shopify’s sales app Popcart and sells signed books as physical products. Using a site like Shopify means you don’t have to deal with hosting or any complicated shopping cart software or anything else. They provide everything you need in terms of a shopping cart, checkout process, etc.

5) OfferUp.com

This site, available as a free app for both Android and iOS, gives you a place to sell your old stuff. Just create an account and enter basic information about what you’re selling. If you have items of high value, like cellphones or video game consoles, you may be asked to take photos or upload videos of those items (OfferUp charges a 10 percent service fee). Once accepted into their system, individual buyers will reach out with various offers; if it seems like something that fits your interests and needs, then meet up with them in person. OfferUp currently has listings in over 400 cities nationwide; it’s a great way for users around where there’s zero risk for theft.

6) Neighbor.com

This site connects you with people in your community who need help with a variety of tasks like cleaning, handyman work, and more. Pay is based on task size and other factors. Earnings vary widely depending on your location, but you can generally earn about $10 per hour for simple jobs like mowing lawns or weeding gardens. Use Handy: This marketplace connects you with people looking for help around their homes–whether it’s assembling furniture or fixing a leaky faucet. Earning potential is from $5 to $50 per job depending on skill level and time spent on each task.

7) Shutterstock

This photo-licensing website allows contributors from around the world to earn money with their photos. Contributors choose a niche that fits their interests, then upload photos that are reviewed and approved by editorial staff. If your image is accepted, you’ll receive royalties based on usage — $10 per photo sold. Contributors can also sell digital downloads of images at prices set by themselves. Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer was an engineer who noticed that most of his friends in Silicon Valley had no talent for photography but were very interested in technology (particularly photography apps like Instagram), so he came up with a unique way for them to contribute photos without being professional photographers: Shutterstock offers a library of high-quality images royalty-free — anyone can use them without paying fees or signing any contracts.


No matter what kind of part-time income you’re looking for, there are online earning sites out there that can help you make it happen. Just because you don’t have money to throw at a side gig doesn’t mean you can’t find work online; in fact, some of these options offer payment plans or rely on users who want more from a site (such as product testers). Whether it’s finding and selling items online or completing tasks that pay cash through your PayPal account, each of these resources will help get you moving toward part-time income and motivate your side gig. Get started with one!

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