$50 to $700 in One-Time Direct Payments Still Get Sent Out

The state of Illinois now has a way to track your payment, but many residents have been left waiting for one-time direct payments worth up to $700 to be made.

This year, Illinois offered two tax rebates: a property tax rebate and an individual income tax rebate.

Initial payments were made in September, but state officials cautioned that it could take months to process all of the checks for the 6 million residents who are still awaiting payment.

The 6 million residents will receive a total of $1.2 billion.

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How to Find Out Where Your Rebate Is

There is a way to check online to see if your rebate has already arrived.

First of all, your rebate will be disbursed in the same manner as your refund of Illinois income taxes for 2021.

Therefore, if you chose a direct deposit, you should prepare for the money to enter that bank account.

However, your rebate would be sent to you if you had received a paper check in the mail instead.

Those who did not receive a refund should anticipate receiving a paper rebate check at the address on their tax returns.

Those receiving their checks by mail may have to wait longer due to a lack of paper and postal delays.

Use the “Where’s My Rebate?” tool on the Illinois Department of Revenue website to find out the status of your rebate.

Try using your spouse’s name if the tool doesn’t find your information.

How to qualify for the rebate

To qualify for the income tax credit in Illinois, you had to fulfil a specific set of requirements.

You had to first reside in Illinois in 2021.

Second, you had to report an adjusted gross income on your Illinois tax return for 2021 that was less than $200,000. In the case of joint filers, this sum was $400,000.

Those who qualified had until October 17 of this year to submit their tax returns.

How much you’ll get

The amount of each person’s Illinois rebate is not guaranteed.

It depends on your filing status and how many dependents you listed as having care of you in 2021.

Each eligible person will receive $50 (or $100 if filing jointly), in addition to $100 per dependent for a maximum of three dependents.

That indicates that a married couple with three kids will be given a $400 refund.

The total amount you could earn is $700 because the property tax rebate is worth $300.

Eligibility for property tax rebate

The $300 Illinois property tax rebate came with additional requirements.

To be eligible for the money, you also had to have lived in Illinois in 2021 and paid state property taxes for your primary residence in that year.

The annual income requirement for eligible individuals was $250,000, or $500,000 if married and filing a joint return.

If a property tax rebate form was submitted by October 17 and the applicant did not file their state income tax returns, they could still be eligible for the payments.

Other states offering rebates

In an effort to counteract some of the detrimental effects of inflation, Illinois has joined a number of other states in providing taxpayer rebates.

Massachusetts residents will receive a refund of up to 13% of their state income taxes from 2021 this month.

Residents will receive a sum that is specifically equal to 13% of the state income tax they paid, or roughly 0.7% of their total taxable income.

There is no stated maximum rebate because it will be determined based on the income of a household.

A little more than $200 will be deposited into the accounts of those who earn around $40,000 annually, and up to $7,000 in rebates could be received by those who earn $1 million or more.

While this is going on, other local governments have started offering low-income families universal basic income programmes

As part of the programme, recipients in Cook County, Illinois, will receive $500 checks every month for two years.

On December 15, the first payment will be made.

In contrast, hundreds of black pregnant women in California will receive between $600 and $1,000 over the course of the upcoming year.

150 women in San Francisco received $1,000 per month for a year as part of the Abundant Birth Project, which began in 2021.

Here are the five states that will be giving their citizens Christmas bonuses in the upcoming weeks.

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